Marathon Morning

The bread is really the hero of this to go meal.. Low calorie, low fat, no cholesterol and packed with flavor and nutrition.. To keep it healthy, I’d poach the eggs.. The only cholesterol is in the egg yolks.. And the sandwich would be tasty with just egg whites too..

No worries about leaky yolks, the bread absorbs it well..

This is a speciality bread by Wegmans.. If you have one near you, it’s a hearty bread, a meal on its own, for a great on the run breakfast..


8 thoughts on “Marathon Morning

  1. I forgot about his cooked cheese phobia 😂

    I was a bit leary about buying that bread, thinking the pumpkin seeds wouldn’t taste right in it.. but wow, and toasted makes the bread sweet ! I’m getting ready to leave out soon and think I’ll stop in if there’s parking in the back 😊


  2. I know that bread!! I love eggs in pretty much all ways but an egg sandwich (or egg sarnie as many English would call it) is one of my absolute favourites. That bread would be a perfect carrier, I’m certain 🙂

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      1. Oh yes I can (but I’d have to eat it on my own because Two Brains is phobic about cooked cheese!! …. The Bean and I indulge when he’s not around 😉 )

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