Salted Hot Chocolate: A Recipe



Following on from my most recent post (my coconut hot chocolate recipe), I wanted to share my recipe for dark sea salted hot chocolate. This, like the coconut hot chocolate, was part of a day of baking/making with my good friend Dahlia (you can see some of her incredible baking here).

Salted chocolate is one of those Marmite foods that the general population either love or love to hate. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your taste buds fall on, its intensity is undeniable. We paired this with orange and almond shortbread: the citrus flavours cut through the darkness of the chocolate, and the almonds gave it that extra little crunch.

The combination of dry ingredients guarantees a certain thickness, but if you want it to be extremely thick I’d suggest using just a little bit of cornflour. I don’t like to add cream to the base recipe as it makes…

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