9 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Feathers

  1. That’s weird, I thought gators and crocs didn’t go further down than Marathon.. I let Stewie go in the water by your house..
    Probably won’t do that again 😮

    The pictures are terrific, the flamingo on the beach actually looks kind of majestic.. As majestic as a flamingo can look 😁

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    1. They used to be no further than The Everglades, then a few years ago they started spotting them at The Dry Tortugas and now, this year, they’ve been spotted twice. No one has ever been attacked and they only hang out a day or so. Stewie would be in more danger from the small Sand Sharks and Nurse Sharks that swim in the shallows. People get bit because they look so cute they mistakenly believe they won’t get bit…silly people:)

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      1. Stewie is a silly boy and would go after any fish he sees.. that would not be a good outcome.. the more and more encroachment on wildlife habitat, the more they are forced to stray from their territory.. A florida politician, not that long ago proposed no new building in wildlife areas in florida, of course, no one gave it any serious consideration.. which is a shame.. orchards, farms, ranches and the wilds are being overtaken by builders every chance they get.. while orlando is really getting rundown from what I see.. greed does not employ common sense.. ever..

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    2. You’re preaching to the choir on that one!
      We are seeing it here in Key West, too. Greed and political ambition seem to be in cohoots again. What the needs and the desires of the majority are ignored. There was a study a few years ago that stated their should be no new development in the Lower Keys to assure in an emergency evacuation everyone would safely we able to leave for the mainland. Then why has the local board of supervisors approved building another two hundred homes to be built on a less than 2×2 island when the only access in or out of The Keys isthe Overseas Highway ( Route 1)? The board’s excuse is to provide affordable housing for the employees Walmart will hire for the Walmart no one wants built here.
      November elections may help put a stop to this over development but, it’s probably moot at this stage.

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      1. The news recently reported that Walmart is closing all their small market stores and several supercenters nationwide.. But want to build a store in the Keys ? The garden center is the only dept. I imagine might do well there and that wouldn’t make a storewide profit.. Not only is it bad for the Keys, I think it’s a bad move for walmart..
        Affordable housing.. that’s a questionable statement by itself.. How do they plan to make it affordable.. A local or corporate subsidy in exchange for a backdoor kickback to a few or front door tax break to bring in commerce ? When there’s a claim to having control over future housing prices, then there’s a story worth investigating by a savvy reporter.. I suspect losing thier jobs in November might be the least of their worries if backdoor deals are uncovered..

        The evacuation issue should’ve put a stop on it before it became more than a notion.. It’s bad enough now to get out of the Keys in an emergency situation..

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  2. You hardly see them in the wild here, very exciting! It’s been a strange week on the Straits of Florida side (South) of Key West. Earlier this week two crocodiles were hanging out by the seawall. They are not so welcome, since that’s where my grandson liked to snorkel!

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