Cee’s Trees B&W Photo Challenge

Cee’s B&W Challenge is all about trees this week .. And I’m blessed to have a forest to myself.. I like the picture better in sepia tones.. You know I have Stewie in most of my pictures, this is no exception.. Do you see him ? He’s obvious to me, but I took the picture.. Some people who’ve seen the picture in color couldn’t see him right away, which surprised me..  Click on Cee’s link above and “cee” all the great entries people have put up.. 😊

The original photo

10 thoughts on “Cee’s Trees B&W Photo Challenge

    1. 💛 Thank you for such high praise !!!

      In color I bet you’d have found him easily against all the green but it does make me chuckle that he didn’t pop right out at everyone who’s seen this in color.. I’m going to add that picture so you can see what I mean..

      😕 If I hadn’t checked my spam folder, I wouldn’t have seen your comment..
      😬 How dare WP put you in spam !!!! Spam and your blog do not go together.. in any definition of spam !!!

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      1. Btw, this is one of those lucky pictures I took about a month ago that happened to fit the future challenge.. I especially liked the log across the bottom and the tree in center with the broken off limb, because it depicts the reality of the forest in its natural beauty and why I chose to use it.. “Where’s Stewie?” was a bonus 😁

        But my original intent was just snapping an action picture of Stewie at play by the Brook 😄

        Much more luck and serendipity goes on than artistic creativity in all my photos.. But it would be awesome if I could plan and capture photos like an artist 😉

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      2. I wouldn’t think WP would do that since I marked it “not spam” 😐

        Which part of “not” don’t they understand !!! 😬

        Maybe they’ll get the hint since I marked this one “not spam” too..



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