Pan’s Best Red Beans and Rice

Cheater, cheater, I’m a bean and rice eater.. But I’ve never made them well.. Well, not as good as Popeye’s.. or any of the so called copycat recipes.. close, but no cigar..

But those days are gone !

I made a wonderful discovery in canned food.. Never thought I’d ever utter those words, let alone type them on the web..

Glory foods and Margaret Holmes brands are put out by the same company.. My first sample makes me laugh because I hate black-eyed peas..

I picked up a can of Field Peas and Snaps.. Not a clue why I did, the peas looked suspiciously liked the pea I gag on.. But something about the picture suckered me into buying one.. And I loved it..

So I tried other offerings they have.. There will be a post soon in “pitstops” on my favorites..

This post is inspired by my years long search for a great red beans and rice recipe.. Super easy, fast and tasty..


2 cans Glory Foods Red Beans and Rice

1 Β 1/2 in slices of deli Off The Bone Ham (approx 5oz) diced in bite size pieces..

1 tsp good quality EVOO

1 2in slice of French bread (optional)

Preheat oven (toaster oven is ideal) to 350f

Add EVOO to baking pan

Add ham and toss around to evenly coat with oil.. Put in oven on center rack and set timer for 31 minutes.. When timer reaches 16 minutes left, pull out the pan and add all the beans and rice and stir.. return to the center rack and place bread on top rack..

When the timer runs out, take both out, break the bread up on the beans and stir.. Eat and enjoy !!!

The Fresh2go brand container is perfect for this to serve and then put the leftovers away in.. This meal microwaves well in this container.. So both meals have super fast clean up too 😊







7 thoughts on “Pan’s Best Red Beans and Rice

    1. Thank you ! I will add some spice heat for the remainder of it. Which says alot coming from me 😁
      It’s wonderful on its own but I want it with a little spice heat and it will be the true southern red beans and rice that I know.. But, I will say this.. I’d rather have it be needing that kind of adjustment than have it too spicy hot right out of the can.. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just what I was going to do🌢🌢🌢🌢
        Sounds delicious with some of my favorite Cajun dishes!


    1. Probably one of the tastiest fast foods to throw together for me 😁
      If you like southern red beans and rice, I hope you give it a try..
      This brand far exceeded my expectations..

      Liked by 2 people

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