An Introduction to Helsinki

Adding to my bucket list!

The Snow Melts Somewhere

Helsinki, Finland, is where you’ll find me most days… and I have some tips for you if you’re visiting.

Since I love walking, summer, and food, that’s mostly what my tips are about! For anything more detailed, please drop a line in the comments, I’d be more than happy to assist.

Where to go once you’re here

Since it’s a seaside town, the prettiest areas are located by the water. Take a walk from the Senate Square along the seaside and you’ll end up in Kaivopuisto park, which is a popular spot for locals to hang out. There are cafes and ice cream stands in the park – you won’t go hungry!

The Suomenlinna fortress island is a Unesco World Heritage site, you can go there by ferry – it’s worth a visit! In the summer, you can swim there but it might be chilly (consider yourself warned!) Also, watch…

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