Smoked Chicken Gravy (Bohra Style)

This recipe has some really awesome methods, so much so, I had to reblog this 😄

The Mint Thief

This recipe brings chicken curry to the next level by using smoking (dhungar) technique. The chicken is cooked in cashew & dried red chilli paste.DSC_3175_FotorI love to cook,I dream about food; I really do. But then there are days when I run out of ideas on what to make for dinner. It makes me want to run away from all this and never come back.

On those days this Bohri-Style Smoked Chicken Gravy comes to my rescue. This smoked chicken is one of my best, quick and easiest chicken preparations. This is something I learned from my Mom-in-law. It’s my husband’s favorite as well. It’s a perfect comfort meal for such lazy days.

DSC_3072_FotorBohra Cuisine chicken gravies are mostly cashew / almond based. Creamy cashews / almond add a velvety richness to this flavorful Bohra-Style Chicken Gravy. It compliments very well with chapati’s, naan or rice pulao. Smoking technique adds a unique delicious dimension! Usually as I cook, the…

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4 thoughts on “Smoked Chicken Gravy (Bohra Style)

    1. I know, right ??? And the red chiles really have my hopes up for spicy taste without burning a layer of tongue off !

      This recipe looks delicious and has new techniques I’m looking forward to trying out 😊

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