How to brew the perfect cup of coffee (using coconut!)

In those wonderful days of yore when I roasted and ground my own coffee I used to purchase green beans from a great place in Philadelphia called Old City Coffee. One of my very favorite coffees from them was their Ethiopian Harrar. Think I’ll try to reacquaint myself with Ethiopian coffee beans and try out this interesting brewing method.

Ankitha Gadag Recipes

Mornings aren’t mornings without my ritualistic cup of coffee. Problem is, I am a perfectionist and if my coffee isn’t absolutely perfect, I will justify splurging at the nearby hipster coffee-shop (there are PLENTY of those in Austin).  A meager $5 cup of coffee a day quickly turns into a $35/ week habit and pretty soon I might as well have invested in part ownership of the hipster coffee-shop…

That is why I have invested in a manual pour over coffee drip. The one I have is called a Clever, and it is excellent. You can pretty much find a similar version at your local grocery store/ coffee-shop. I highly recommend that you also grind your own coffee beans as well, that way you can control the grain size (fine or course). Finer grains tend to be more bitter, while coarser grain tends to lack the robust flavor – clearly, it’s…

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