Bastille Day

As per Pan’s request, here is my watercolor version of a print I loved in the French Cookery section of the original Encyclopedia of Cookery.  So one football Sunday when my husband and his friends were watching a game I had no interest in I decided to paint the picture before the cookbook totally fell apart and it was lost forever.  Sadly, I have no idea who the original artist was but, he captured the France of my dreams…


12 thoughts on “Bastille Day

  1. so being French (or nearly as I am in the process of gaining citizenship and I have to do exams and speak beautifully and all that jazzy stuff that is absolutely as it should be) I love this. I really love this. And I would love it if you and your family and Sista Pan and any friends you care to run by me as being real friends would join us on 14 Juillet next year for the party we are plannning here in Masshole Massive Chew Sets MA – I’m serious. Never more so. Let me know. It includes Wierd Guy and his Dog for the avoidance of any doubtfulness

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    1. Merci beaucoup, mon ami❣
      If traveling North then, I would be in Pennsylvania for my daughter’s Bastille Day birthday, otherwise I would be there with bells on, as “they” say.

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