Apple tart

Perfect Autumn Dessert….

Hey foodies, as you know I’m a cooking freak but baking is my Achilles heel… Although, no matter how many cakes I burned and tarts I messed up! I never say die, I pulled out all the stops and kept pushing myself by trying new cake recipes… And Somehow my ambition to do new things helped me to make little headway in my bakery challenge.


I might not be the ideal person to give you baking tips but it happens that I know exactly the right one… I was recently inspired by the work of Mahmoud, a talented moroccan Food blogger who bakes like a pro! His blog and instagram account would make you envy the ones who taste them… Seriously, the guy made a giant macaroon! Isn’t that enough to acknowledge his talent?  You might want to check his blog: 

Or maybe follow hisinstagram account, look at that irresistible feed!!


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