Ragstone Goats Cheese Tortellini-Roasted Chestnuts-Baked Parmesan Foam-Truffle

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Wonderful foodie creations and photography ( love the photo of chestnuts)…


With Autumn in the air I felt the need to check out Borough Market and see what’s about. The first thing to catch my eye was these shiny chestnuts. Instantly my mind started ticking and a dish started to appear in my minds eye.

For the pasta I only used egg yolk, as i wanted this dish to be rich and luxurious. My ratio was 200g of pasta flour and 6 large egg yolks (I saved my egg whites, I’m sure I will find away to use them later).

I decided to make Ragstone goats cheese tortellini with roasted chestnuts, truffle cream, parmesan crisps and a baked parmesan foam finished with a healthy shaving of black autumn truffle.

Before roasting the chestnuts for 30 minutes at 200℃, I made a small cross incision in each shell. When I got the chestnuts out of the oven I realised I had missed…

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