Surimi egg rolls

Surimi makes a wonderful snack all by itself, but what if we turn it into a light, easy to pack meal sponsored by the number one ingredient that all students have at home? You’ll get a stuffed tamagoyaki with surimi!!

So you’ll be asking me what is Tamagoyaki?  It’s the common type of cooked eggs in Japanese cuisine, this dish is made by rolling together thin layers of egg in a frying pan until you get a solid piece of rolled up egg. In other words, it’s something that you’ll fall in love with as soon as you taste it!

Check out this easy recipe! And don’t forget that you may add anything into the mixture;  from bell pepper to tomatoes? Or maybe you can stuff it with minced meat? Or chicken leftovers? I mean if you’re a student then you definitely have enough creativity to deal with it.


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