Let them stay innocent


unsaid words

Laugh so innocent

As their heart

Laugh so contagious

Making you to smile

Laugh so carefree

Reminding you of your days

When you had nothing to worry

smile so sparkling

Leaving glitter in their eyes

Like those stars on the midnight sky

Don’t let them be the object of internet ,media and market
At least for now keep them away from your gadgets

Don’t let them get trapped in the idea of perfect

Help them to realize

They are amazing

The way they are born

They don’t need to fit in any form

put away those PS

you bought Last week

To mend up for that trip with them, you missed

Take them outdoor to show

those butterflies in your garden

Tell them to make friends not by sitting behind the screens

But by taking the stroll on the streets

Don’t teach them to stay away from those…

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