4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day – October 28, 2016 – Rose

    1. Entering a photograph in anyone’s photo challenge is much easier than it sounds:

      Here is my last entry for reference:


      First, go to the photo challenge you are interested in participating and copy the posting site info from the top address/location/url bar

      In this case it was:

      After copying the url location, open a new post in your blog site and paste the site you just copied in the body of the post. This automatically creates a pingback. I like to hit return a few times so that this will be located after my photos.

      Next type in your title based on the photo challenge.

      Then, the fun part. Make sure your cursor is at the location you want your photos to appear, like the top line of the body of your blog. Now see that little square icon to the left of the word “paragraph”, click on that to add your photo(s). It will allow you to transfer photos into your WordPress blog from your photo gallery. Once the transfer happens, you opt which format (individual, collage, row, etc) you want your photos to appear. I almost always prefer the individual format. Click to insert photos in your blog.

      Then categorize and publish as per your usual.

      Like I said it sounds so much more complicated than it really is to do.

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