Yellowtail Snapper Recipe – Three Ways


One of the perks of living by the sea is being able to get fresh fish even when you yourself are not a fisherman.  The best place for the freshest fish in Key West right now is Three Hands Fish.  I love that if you like they will text you the daily catch.  While on the beach the other day I got their text and saw my favorite fish, Yellowtail Snapper, was the morning catch; and on our way home headed over for a pound of that fresh off the hook and perfectly filleted deliciousness.

This sent me on a search for more tasty ways to prepare this delicately flavored white fish.  I found a blog article  from about five years ago right here on WordPress….

In February, I went with my family to Exuma, Bahamas.  We had lots of great experiences, and the memories of Exuma have come back to Minnesota with us in many forms, including the food.  We were fo…

Source: Yellowtail Snapper Recipe – Three Ways

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