We the People of the US and the World

Personally, from the beginning this election felt like a no-win situation, but did believe Hillary Clinton to be the better choice between the two severely flawed candidates. Like you, I was stunned when Donald Trump won the electoral vote. But listening to both candidates, as well as, President Obama’s gracious and eloquent speeches I am hopeful that fences will be mended and just maybe we can create a bipartisan federal government for all.

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I have read a lot of blog posts this morning mostly about people being sad or scared at the election results in the US.

declarationLast night before the polls closed, Chris and I watched a short documentary on the Declaration of Independence by Danielle S. Allen.   She reported that the calligrapher the Declaration of Independence, Timothy Matlack (May 28, 1736 – April 14, 1826)  added some enhancements as he scribed the document.  He capitalized the “W” in “We the people” at the end of the listed grievances against the King, and that really set off the “We” of the Declaration of Independence.

I, too, am saddened by the election results. In fact I was awake most of the night, feeling ashamed of myself for not speaking my heart during this campaign.   I am not political in any sense of the word.   I was born an American and will always be an…

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4 thoughts on “We the People of the US and the World

  1. As a Canadian, I worry about trade and the finger on the button. But the people have spoken – they want change and they will get it. I always hope for the best and want President Trump to succeed. Hillary Clinton is an intelligent, classy, and tough woman. I am so sad for her. But America must survive or Canada falls with it.

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