My Tender Loins

Great food with a perfect dash of humor👍👍


I’m getting pretty tired of worrying myself into an almost vegetal state over the presidential election.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m still cowering in a corner too paralyzed by fear to move.

I’m just tired of it.

Normally, of course, sex and alcohol would be an effective remedy, at least in the short term. And indeed, I’ve indulged in both extensively since Tuesday night in an attempt to pull out of this tailspin. However NewWifey(tm) is away ON ANOTHER STUPID STITCHING GIG, and it’s just not the same doing either without her. (This is hopefully her last trans-continental jaunt of the year though, so at least I can look forward to frantically making up for lost time when she returns next week.)

What’s left to provide succor then?

Food, of course!

And by “food”, I mean “MEAT”. And lots of it. Nothing assuages trembling flesh like more flesh.

One really fantastic…

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