One shaft of light that shows the way

Osyth, I always seem to feel a kindred spirit with you through your writing.
Freddie Mercury and his band, Queen, is another shared favorite.
And, YES, “live for today” should be everyone’s mantra…

Half Baked In Paradise

There are few inalterable facts in life but the one constant that we all have to adhere to is that one day we will die.  What comes after that is up for debate and despite an abiding interest in philosophy which promotes an interest in religious teachings from all belief systems,  I don’t profess to have any finite or valuable answers.  Therefore I think that it is hugely important to LIVE a life.  In this one single life that I will assume I have until some bearded or loinclothed but surely extremely sage bloke sends me back for another go it has to be what I adhere to.  By living a life I don’t mean indulging in excesses, I simply mean not wasting valuable time looking back because another inalterable fact is that we can’t change the past.  This week two things have put that notion of mine into sharp…

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3 thoughts on “One shaft of light that shows the way

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging this … I am humbled and hope that the piece will resonate with many as we live out our one life. In any event if you are a Queen fan there is a little bonus at the end 😉

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