Dinner of Pintxos in the Basque Country of Spain

Learning something new everyday…Pintxos

Albatz Travel Adventures

From my friend Jessica, ‘PAIS VASCO (BASQUE COUNTRY). This whole area is famous for pintxos, which are NOT tapas (do not call them that!!), but rather small bites all on one toothpick. It’s really an art and the Basques pride themselves on it.’

My travel journal describes a bar in Bilbao as ‘peen-shos swirling – whirling around me‘.  I see I was madly sketching, in an effort to keep track of the amazing creations that were laid before me, all of them free!
My travel journal with descriptions of the amazing 'pintxos' in Bilbao‘meat (veal), sprouts, raspberry jam, mushrooms’
Pinchos (pintxos), a bar snack elevated to the highest form in Bilbao, Spain‘bread, deep-fried dark and mushy (gooey) mushroom pate inside, red pimento’
Pintxos (Pinchos) in Bilbao‘crepe wrapped around a sausage’Pintxos (Pinchos) in Bilbao‘pickled green bean, yellowy-white goo, anchovy, deep-fried(?) crunchy shallots’
Pintxos (Pinchos) in Bilbao‘white cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuces’Pintxos (Pinchos) in BilbaoNot illustrated but a classic ‘tapa‘ of omelette garnished with a roasted pepper, simple and one of my faves.
Pintxos (Pinchos) in BilbaoTrying to eat, sketch and take photos amidst all that action…

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