Simply Delicious Tomato Relish.

Your delicious sounding tomato relish reminded me of a treat my mother and mother-in-law used to make and I haven’t enjoyed in years, Green Tomato Jam. Yours is very similar but more of a savory where Green Tomato Jam is a cinnamony-nutmegy sweet to spread on a toasted English Muffin. I’ll have to dig up that recipe and make both!

Teenage Son is digging a new flower bed for me. If I don’t get out there and supervise him things could go seriously awry so this will be a quickie. IMG_6657

Last week, in between coats of yellow paint, I made my annual batch of tomato relish. We call this Fakeymaloe Relish and Irish people will know exactly which famous brand I am faking. I think this is my fourth time making it and I vary the recipe slightly each time. I’m borrowing heavily from this recipe for Tomato and Apple Chutney from Darina Allen with a soupcon of influence from this recipe for Green Tomato Chutney, also from Darina Allen. IMG_6661

Last year we had tons of tomatoes from the garden so I used those. This year we had exactly one ripe tomato (I kid you not, ONE!) so I resorted to tinned tomatoes and threw in a few green…

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