Banana Yeast dough Cakes

Great step by step photos, you can almost smell the goodness😋

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Banana Yeast dough Cakes Ronit PensoI often end up with overripe bananasm that usually find their way into one-bowl type of cakes. As this time I was planning on making yeast dough roulades, I’ve decided to see how they would work in this type of dough.
The result exceeded my expectations, and I have no doubt I will use this “trick” again. The mashed bananas gave the dough a wonderful soft and silky texture, and amazing aroma.
Though I ended up slicing the cakes (to make them more suitable for serving in a brunch buffet), you can also choose to serve them as sweet buns instead.
The slices are also perfect for breakfast, when served toasted with butter, or for preparing an exceptionally delicious French toast. Another very tasty option is to use them in bread pudding.  Either way you’ll choose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these tasty cakes.

Makes: 3 roulades 11.5″ x 2.5″ (29cm…

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