Cee’s Flower Of The Day: February 15 2017

The weather here in the Florida Keys has been almost summer-like this winter.  So much so that when I saw this poor little severely pot-bound Ixora I had to buy it for my garden.  While walking  around my little tropical garden feeding the Palms, Crotons and Ixora, I snapped the following shots of things now in bloom:

Ixora, beloved by butterflies


Hibiscus blossom


Key Lime Tree


Flower of the Day – February 15, 2017 – Tulips

3 thoughts on “Cee’s Flower Of The Day: February 15 2017

  1. I miss primrose! When we lived outside of Philadelphia, our home backed up to a wooded area and the picturesque Ironworks Creek. In Spring, the flowering primrose made a beautiful entrance into the woods from our lawn.


  2. I found ‘primevère’ (primrose) in full bloom out walking at about 700 metres on Sunday but it simply doesn’t compare to your hothouse flowers and I am so happy that you rescued from their throttled pots and have given them a free rein to delight! 🌺

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