The Blue Pantry.

Love, Love, Love This Pantry…

It doesn’t look blue, even when the sun was shining I couldn’t get a photo to to it justice, but it is blue. I would call it French Navy. Colourtrend Paints call it Peacock Blue.

First things first, let’s recall the before, when the so-called pantry was just a space in the utility room defined by an old bookshelf and some second-hand dressers.


That was all dismantled, except of course for the children’s height markings in the jamb of the door which were to be retained at all costs.

For three weeks, I could find nothing. The microwave kept moving to new locations as power supplies were diverted to various tools and I followed it, jugs of frozen stock in hand, hither and thither. A fresh layer of sawdust fell daily in pine-scented flurries on every surface. The kitchen table was converted to carpenter’s workbench and food, ironically, played…

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