Designing a Book Cover in Photoshop

Great Tutorial!!

Tourmaline .

You don’t need the whole Adobe Suite to design a cover. Photoshop will do the trick just fine. Have Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and know how to use them super well? Go for it. More comfortable with Photoshop? This guide is for you.

When I go to design someone’s cover I ask them for the following information. You will need to ask yourself the same. I recommend typing #1, 2, 3 & 6 out in a Word document so that you can copy it over to Photoshop when you’re ready. Photoshop doesn’t spell check for you, Word does.

  1. Book title & subtitle
  2. Author(s) name
  3. Back cover copy
  4. Publisher
  5. Book dimensions and print requirements (paper type, color v. b&w, etc.)
  6. Additional information (other text, images, ideas, etc. to be included in the design or illustration)

Create a New Photoshop Document

If you’re using CreateSpace to publish your book click here:

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