Peculiarities – Butterfly Salt Lick

What an interesting article…I’ve put out salt licks for deer ( in my foolish youth before I took up gardening:) but, never knew butterflies craved salt, too!


Butterflies are attracted to salt. For male butterflies especially, it is a vital nutrient. I decided to help them out and make a butterfly salt lick for my garden. I washed out a glass bowl, found an old discarded metal stand and glued them together.

I buried the legs of the stand into my garden soil near plants attractive to butterflies.

I brought home some of the Delaware Bay’s sandy beach.

I added a piece of driftwood, a few shells and sea glass shards as butterfly perches.

A bit of water to activate the salts and minerals in the sand was the last step. My project is finished. Hopefully, I will be able to capture a few photographs of butterflies drinking up the salt.

Click here to read why: Butterflies need salt?

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4 thoughts on “Peculiarities – Butterfly Salt Lick

    1. For better or worse, depending on one’s individual perspective, the salt lick is also bound to attract those other flying beauties of the bug world, the dragonfly, because butterflies are one of their favorite foods😱

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      1. You’re going to think I’m awful 😕 because I like dragon flies too and they eat mosquitoes.. Hopefully they find them tastier than the butterflies.. I didn’t know they ate them..

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