2015 : The Start

After cleaning out the debris and trash from the cabin shell, I next installed the door, then the small window next to it.. The Big picture window opening I boarded up.. Not too well as evidenced by a robbery where my power tools and generator were stolen.. Then I rented a grader with a backhoe and cleared, trees, roots and 3 mounds of broken concrete that was overgrown with weeds.. Evidently someone thought it a good idea to use the property as a road construction dump.. Then I ordered gravel and rented a skidsteer and a compactor and made a spot for my shed which I’m still converting into a temporary tiny cabin with a teeny kitchen πŸ˜„ But up til now it’s still tailgate cooking and that’s ok by me.. And I spent some time exploring my woods


13 thoughts on “2015 : The Start

    1. I really enjoy the skidsteer, can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of any of the equipment I rented. I will be getting the equipment again when I do the pool size pond but don’t know if that’ll be this year or next..
      Patience isn’t one of my greatest virtues, I want to do all the projects at once πŸ˜„

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      1. I LOVE testing out new equipment. I’m off to MarcolΓ¨s on Wednesday and will be using a belt sander (Two Brains is a man so he gets the big boy toy …. a table saw!) The joys – I do so love having a kindred sister!!! πŸ˜€

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      2. Hey, if I have a project going that requires the backhoe or skidsteer, I’ll try and time it so you and Two Brains get to play with them 😁

        πŸ€” I think I just had a Tom Sawyer whitewash fence idea !


    1. Yes they are and I’ve got trail cams hidden from view and my dad ordered solar floodlights with motion sensors, for me to put up high.. The trail cams take excellent footage day or night.. The lights will be great for me at night.. I was very disappointed and angry but the police say it happens a lot at camps.. There are people who check on my place a few times a week for me now..
      It’s too beautiful to let some low lifes taint my dream project 😊


    1. πŸ’› Thanks sis.. As with anything that takes time, you know better than anyone, I get antsy about it, wishing to speed things up.. But work and weather are big obstacles to my fun time πŸ˜„


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