2016 I plow on with what I can do on my own..

My motto, work, play, eat, drink, discover new beers (And I’m not a beer drinker πŸ˜„) But it was a hot summer both in 2015/2016..

My goal is to do as much on my own with my new homestead and learn new skills along the way.. The skidsteer is my favorite piece of equipment to run πŸ€— The business I rent from is really great.. The owner brings out the equipment and gives a tutorial on running it and has helped me with tips about getting the results I want from my work.. He even inspected the area I made for my shed to be sure it was compact enough.. He said he was surprised at how compact I got it.. I kept going over n over with that compactor and probably lost 5 lbs doing it.. The compactor is my 2nd fav piece of equipment to run 😁 And of course I took time for relaxation and Stewie had a ball as usual..


12 thoughts on “2016 I plow on with what I can do on my own..

  1. The Bean took a long time to accept MarcolΓ¨s but she is really hunkering down there now when we get the time to work on it. I’m delighted Stewie is ahead of the game! I loved this – it really is a dose of happiness taken through the eyes and ears for me!

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    1. πŸ’› Thank you, its pretty good when home movies don’t make the audience 😴

      I think The Bean just has more refined and discerning tastes than Stewie.. Stewie will roll around in muck and dead things.. He’s comfortable almost anywhere, the vagabond πŸ˜‚

      Can’t wait to see your further restoration adventures.. Your home being transformed is the meat and potatoes, the people around the story are the dessert 😁

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      1. I had a whippet X called Achilles a few years ago … he rolled in a dead fish once … absolutely impossible to get that oily stench out of his coat even though it was seal-slick short. πŸ™‚

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      2. I was very fortunate to have on hand apple cider vinegar and it works getting the stink off the skin and hair..
        So if you ever come across that situation again.. πŸ‘


    1. Yes, taken with my phone and thank you ! Stewie loves it up there.. I’m going to have to set the phone up where it can record Stewie going bananas in the van on our way up to camp.. He really gets animated vocally and physically πŸ˜„

      I have to credit the built in app that came with the phone for automatic accents though.. I have to fiddle shuffling the pictures to try and land on the ones I want.. Since then I’ve downloaded a video editor, it has no light or bubble accents, but has zoom and music 😊

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      1. I’m still learning.. My phone gallery has a story maker that will edit your pics and add accents on its own.. But it’ll do some crazy stuff with the pictures that don’t make sense.. I downloaded video editor and that gives you the option of adding music and zoom/pan/split effects but no light, burst or bubble accents.. Harder to use because it will still do weird things with your photos.. It’s pretty much trial and error πŸ˜„

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    1. Thanks πŸ˜‚ .. It really is a different world for me when there.. And I’m sure for Stewie as well.. Glad you found the post.. There are a few more under it.. I think so far “The Find” is my favorite just because the music fits it 🀣


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