The Find

This is part of the first video I took after the hunt for my ideal property was over.. But I have to say, the video editor I downloaded made this one perfect 😂  A much better selection of tunes to play with and I had fun with this one..

When I took the video, I had already cleared a path to go up to the cabin.. It’s a 24 x 30 (very) unfinished cabin shell.. But really well built.. The previous owner had a concrete foundation poured atop a fill of sand mixed with river stones.. It’s mostly wetlands but beautiful.. I wish he’d been wiser to use dirt and rock fill. It is what it is.. I’ve had dirt and boulders brought in since and minus 2 gravel to build up around the cabin, which only time will tell if the undermining of sand can be stopped.. The cabin shell was built in 2002 and has had many hunter and a few homeless squatters, up til late summer in 2014, when I purchased this hidden gem of a property.. My dream was to convert it into a cob cabin, however, the unstable sand foundation has put a squash on that, cob is a mix of sand, clay and straw, with walls 18 to 24 inches thick, very heavy.. I may do cob accents on the interior, if the foundation can be stabilized..

The music in the video is kinda what I was feeling when I tusseled with the decision to purchase the property.. It had all that I wanted, acres of woods, waterfront and road frontage.. And the right price.. But the mess inside and the exterior in such a deteriorating state, almost put me off.. I’m glad it didn’t because after clearing out and cleaning, I found the cabin roof and frame are of excellent workmanship.. After all these years of harsh winters and much rain, the frame and door and window openings are still plum and square..

The clip and music make it look like Stewie was running in fear 😂 He wasn’t, he wanted to run in the woods, go to the brook and swim, which is what we did and many times since.. He starts howling and whining in the van about 6 miles before we get to the property when he starts seeing the river on the way up there, I find it very entertaining because he tries to control himself when I say hush..

So, here’s another in my home video collection..

Caution : Home videos may cause drowsiness 😁

🤐 I just viewed it.. It does not show the video as normal.. It stretched it wide and I’m not sure why..

10 thoughts on “The Find

      1. Not so high functioning, tho I do have my moments 😄
        Spartan is what I’m leaning towards.. Simple, practical, comfy, cozy…relaxing and peaceful.. I want play to be making maple and birch syrups (at least once).. Birch beer, canning from a hopefully bountiful garden and foraging wild veggies too..
        Once I get the shed done, things should be more that way.. The cabin I want to take my time with because I want it as good as I can plan and complete it with the finest work I can muster..


  1. It has given it a strange orientation but it does not take away from the delight of seeing your place which WILL be amazing. That plot with all its luscious life in it and the building itself sitting in it, you and Stewie will be happy there, I am certain 😊

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    1. My goal is to maintain the gentle curves and jagged lines of nature, with accents of human intervention.. The exterior of the cabin is a blot.. The vynil siding and particle board will be repurposed or recycled.. It’s a total project that I’m hoping isn’t greater than I can accomplish.. For now, its a dream I can envision completing..
      I want it to be off grid in comfort.. To harvest the garden for my veggies and grow enough to can, dehydrate or freeze thru the winter months.. Generate electricity with under the surface hydro power and solar panels on the roof..
      It’s a big dream..

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      1. Big dreams are the best dreams and as I say all the time to myself (and others but mostly to me) petits pas a petits pas – little steps by little steps. I suffer from terminal impatience but if I keep the big dreams in my pocket and take them out and stare wide-eyed and wondered at them from time to time, I seem to manage! This place of yours will be wonderful and I hope to be fortunate to see it someday 🏡

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      2. I’m confident that we all will share a feast from the bbq..
        I’m determined to have Stewie’s yard up this year so he can safely frolick and roll when he’s not on the cable run or under my direct supervision.. Allowing us to take The Bean to the brook, which is beautifully calm and
        The Bean will be free to frolick around us on or off the cable run, whichever you guys feel more at ease with.. 😊
        You just put the order in for the foods you all enjoy most and we will work that bbq 😂


      3. Okay. I’m finding answers to my questions. Will the cabin be ready enough for you to spend this winter there? It is a big dream — but I’m sure it will be well worth every bit of work. How close is your nearest neighbor?

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      4. No the cabin won’t be ready for a couple of years.. The shed I want to finish, HOPEFULLY, next month.. I have a gas generator to get me thru the winters for now.. My nearest and only neighbor for miles, borders my property but I don’t know if they’re there year round.. I’ve never met them yet.. My time is so limited up there at this stage, I have yet to become social.. The land across the brook is up for sale, I’ve considered buying it but the price is outlandish.. In a few years, if it hasn’t sold, I’ll make an offer more to my liking..

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