Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

For some reason I like to hold on to random photos I take of underwater sealife while walking along a pier, bridge or seawall.  I really don’t know why I never took scuba lessons???

Last month I photographed a rare sight off White Street Pier…a rather large lone stingray.  The second photo below  was created from one of the many photos I took of the stingray while playing with various camera app filters.  Think I hold on to both these photographs until I decide which version I like better:)

original photo



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

16 thoughts on “Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

    1. 😂 Neither one of us can be consistent with replying in the right thread..
      But I will give my response, I was in no danger of being attacked by sea, land or air monsters.. And I was strapped to a big 200 lb pillow ( the skydive was a tandem jump) 😉


    1. Stingrays are common in these waters well off shore and not uncommon to see young rays and little sand sharks close to shore but, it was a real lark to see this full-size adult by the pier just merrily gliding along.

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      1. LOL, yes, not too close, many a visitor came to regret trying to pet those little sand sharks because they are just so darn cute forgetting they have teeth just like their cousins🦈

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      1. The Munchkin has entirely changed my view of Florida. Before I started seeing her pictures, reading her pieces about her corner of the world I would have, erroneously thought it was a bit of the US that would not interest me. Now I am really keen to go when I am back and The Brains (who has lived in the US for 28 years and consistently avoided anything to do with Florida) is just as keen!

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      2. Great ! The drive thru the Keys has a lot of eye appeal for natural beauty, quirky and some downright gawdy attempts at yard art along the way.. The spans between each Key is to me like, driving through a book where there’s calm beauty inbetween each chapter.. The gnarly trees (mangroves I think) are an amazing maze of branches that make each tree to seem a neurotic hot mess during the day and the image of nightmares at twilight.. They are the traveler’s constant companion along the way..
        I’ve only been to Key West once but used to deliver at the halfway point of them.. My mom wouldn’t miss a chance to hop on the truck for an overnight trip 😊 Dad used to drive her to the closet point for me to pick her up, if I wasn’t coming right by the house.. Since I was always coming home after, he only had to do it one way.. 😄
        You can fly right into Key West but I believe the drive is the best, as long as you don’t take the interstate or toll road.. There’s a two lane that takes you past all the nurseries growing all Florida has to offer, a casino, if you’re so inclined and alligator and crocodile crossings ! If/when you guys make the trip, I’ll gladly map that route for you.. My sis would probably be delighted to give you tips on the “must stop and experience” stops once you’re on U.S. 1.. She’s much more knowledgeable and you two are probably more aligned in interests on the sightseeing.. 😊

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      3. It really does sound magical in your capable hands. I’ll bet your mum loved those drives with you. The Bean is keen to try and see as much as she can of the US and you know, she is 10 years old in December so we need to get on and do it. I think she might rival Jack Kerouac with an on the road book …. 😉 I will be delighted if you would maps some routes for us when we are ready for some tripping the tarmac fandango. And if you sis is happy to give us some inside info on the places to go and places to see then all the better. I’m not much of a Casino girl though I did train as a Croupier many years ago when having a full time day job just wasn’t enough!!

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      4. 😄 Of course I had to look up what a Croupier was.. Casinos are just about in every state and not really part of “the key”experience..
        I will be thrilled to map out my favorite route to the Keys from the mainland..
        My mom very much enjoyed our trips there.. I enjoyed her being with me every bit as much 💜
        Our trips are the best moments of my career.. We had adventures, a few harrowing ones too.. We both agreed that our 2 day excursion to San Francisco was our all-time favorite trip of our many travels around the country..

        The Bean’s eyes and nose will be in delighted overdrive with all the new sights and strange smells she will discover in the Florida Keys.. 😊

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      1. I’m glad you didn’t take up scuba diving.. You’ve given me enough scares in my life, I wouldn’t want you to add shark attack to that list !


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