Stewie Chicken Recipe

I can get the video to work “sometimes” πŸ˜’ so I figured I’d reblog it because that wide screen cuts out and distorts so much..

On the Road Cooking

Stewie worked hard to make this recipe complete πŸ˜„

Ingredients Β :

Chicken, any amount of leftovers.. cooked almost any way..

1 logic toy

1 dog that is willing to follow the rules (mostly)

1 camera to record and enjoy watching and sharing..

Yields : much fun 😁

😬 I just viewed it here and it’s showing in that crazy wide orientation.. I don’t know why but will try and figure it out.. Any suggestions are welcome.. It looks fine viewed in my gallery on my phone..

* Well I downloaded it back from WP and flipped it in my phone and reloaded it onto WP thinking that when WP converted it, that it would orient it correctly.. Nope, same weird stretched view.. 😭

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7 thoughts on “Stewie Chicken Recipe

      1. It showed with no problem at all on my iPad so it may not be an issue for everyone. I’m not at all technical so I can’t be any more helpful than that, sadly. Two Brains will most certainly tell you that most of the high-thinkers in his business have a difficulty with communicating in understandable words πŸ˜€

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      2. I downloaded the WP conversion onto my phone, then without altering it, I sent it back.. Now with flipping the screen twice I can view it normally on WP..

        First time I tried to “fix” it, I did the same sending to and fro but I altered it in my phone correctly and WP promptly converted it to the wide view again.. This time I sent WP the screwed up view and they converted it to the correct view.. For my droid, I have to still flip it twice then it plays fine πŸ˜‚

        I love the music and how it fits with his head nod and expression.. This is probably my favorite of the videos so far πŸ˜„


      1. That will be such fun … and may I just tell you that in my most down moments when I think I am never going to be allowed back at all, I remember that you have invited us and I think ‘damn them … I WILL get there’. Thank you.

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      2. I hope the worst of your thoughts do not come true.. If you weren’t allowed back, that’s just unthinkable

        Hey, you know what would be pretty awesome ? I could video you and Two Brains playing on the big toys and you could make a “Boast Post” of the skillful art of earthmoving 😁
        We can edit it until you two are just smooth perfection in motion..
        But then should follow the bloopers πŸ˜„


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