Stewie Chicken Recipe

Stewie worked hard to make this recipe complete 😄

Ingredients  :

Chicken, any amount of leftovers.. cooked almost any way..

1 logic toy

1 dog that is willing to follow the rules (mostly)

1 camera to record and enjoy watching and sharing..

Yields : much fun 😁

😬 I just viewed it here and it’s showing in that crazy wide orientation.. I don’t know why but will try and figure it out.. Any suggestions are welcome.. It looks fine viewed in my gallery on my phone..

* Crazy how I can get it to work now ! I loaded the WP version on my phone, then sent it back without changing anything like I did before.. If you still get the stretched view (I do) then rotate it on your device or computer and then rotate it back again.. I don’t have a clue why it works but it does 😮

5 thoughts on “Stewie Chicken Recipe

    1. That was only his 2nd time.. The first time was without the plastic bone lids.. He amazes me with how smart he is.. All I did was spin the layers once to show him how to move them and he understood right away.. He is so funny in the way he follows thru in things.. He puts the bone lids aside, together every time.. If you look at the swimming video again, when he grabs the stick and turns, it slams onto the surface, then he turns around.. He did that because the stick broke, he went back to get the other piece too.. When he hits the shore you can see that he has both in his mouth.. He runs, puts them down, then pauses to choose the bigger half to run with.. He makes me laugh so much !


  1. I wonder if your camera video got set to ‘landscape’ instead of regular orientation somehow? Usually there’s a way to find answers on line if you Google the phone type. That’s how I learnt to use my Droid at all…no clue about smart phones! I’m glad Stewie got his reward…he’s a smart boy!! ❤

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    1. I wonder if you’re right.. I got a new phone and never uploaded videos from the old phone.. But I did upload single photos with the old phone and they were ok.. If it’s because of the possible video setting in the old phone, I don’t know if I can fix it.. The videos transferred from the old phone to this phone fine and view normally but maybe WP doesn’t convert them the same no matter.. 😕
      I’ll still try and work on it..


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