Wrapping up 2016

In late July I knew I needed to do something about the sand undermining from below the concrete slab.. I knew what I wanted but lack of knowledge and experience led me to use a professional.. I found a local contractor and explained I wanted a natural appeal and asked him to bring me his “ugliest” boulders and clean dirt fill.. He laughed and said I know exactly what you want.. These are the results of his work.. And he made the driveway much wider and compacted gravel under the overhang where my planned porch will be.. I also knew that I needed to get a root system going and picked up a special grass seed that has encapsulated fertilizer and absorption capabilities that require 30% less watering.. The Home Depot employee that was helping me decide was worried that I was just throwing away my money on expensive seed, since I have no way of maintaining a watering system since I have no running water or well yet.. And to top it off, we had a very dry summer and September is our driest month..

I didn’t have time except to remove the biggest rocks and roots before literally tossing the seed around by hand.. The seed spreader I bought was just a pain in the rear.. I scratched some of the seed into the dirt and tossed on more seed..

With 2 short months and no watering except from the skies, I said a prayer and put it in God’s hands.. This is the result 😊

13 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2016

  1. I do most things of a wish and a prayer …. this is the proof that the theory is sound 😉 I like your contractor – he sounds like a man with a good heart and the heart of the HD employees was in the right place too which gives me a warm feeling about humanity in general (this is a good thing since I do feel my innate belief that humans can be humankind a little tested just now) …. my husband has a member of the team who finally retired last December aged 92. He says grass seed should be scattered on the last snow for the strongest results. I have no idea if he is right but we will be testing the theory sometime around this time next year on the mound that contains the septic (and the most glorious dandelions!)

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    1. 😂 I know, right ?
      And they said it wouldn’t grow.. The guy helping me did enlist another employee to try and prevent me from a huge disappointment..
      I hope it pops back up in the spring, we’re having deep cold here now.
      If everything grows as the grass did, I may just take up small farming 😉

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      1. Funny you mention thyme and oregano.. I’ve discovered many varieties of thyme and plan on using the boulders as a fresh spice rack.. Thyme is such a great ground covering and will help knit those boulders in place.. And I love thyme.. I want to do varieties of garlic out back and asparagus crowns on the other side of the cabin..
        I want to make authentic birch beer, tap and render maple sap.. The list goes on and on.. The birch and maple, will depend on timing.. The cabin will take time.. But the time for Thyme just waits for spring 😊 And I’ll squeeze some, oregano, cilantro, dill and mustard in some of the Thyme too..


      2. sounds like a good plan. We accidentally discovered the German Thyme and love it in soups. It is a lot stronger than the Thyme we were used to. Same goes for Greek Oregano. It packs a tasty punch.

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      3. Oooo I’ve tried Greek oregano and I agree.. I’ve not tried German thyme but will definitely pick it up or order it online.. Hopefully it’s as hardy as other thyme varieties


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