Homemade Keurig Hot Cocoa

I think my impatience made the words and pictures disappear when I edited the post to show in the Drink Up category .. oops 😁

So here’s the recipe again

1 single serve coffee maker

1 mug

1/2 mug half n half at room temperature

1/2 mug water

1 small pat of salted butter at room temperature

2 drops pure vanilla extract

1 tsp of sugar

1 or 2 drops liquid Stevia  (or add more sugar)

2 TB powdered cocoa (I like unsweetened and non alkaline the best)

1 airtight container

Put water in coffee pot reservoir.. Put half n half in airtight container..

Put cocoa, sweetener, butter and vanilla in mug..

Brew water into mug..

Just before the water is done, shake the half n half vigorously about 5 seconds.. Stir the contents of your mug well, add half n half and stir again.. Piping hot creamy cocoa..

And you only have the mug, shaking container and a spoon to wash 😊

Just because you might not have the time to make great homemade cocoa on the stove, doesn’t mean you have to miss out or settle for substandard premixed junk..

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