Spaghetti Junction

This really is where this post belongs.. It’s a pitstop I make often.. Usually plenty of parking, unless there’s a blizzard.. Then you can bet tractor trailers will be jammed packed, parked all angles, curled together like a mess of spaghetti.. It’s not so bad, in times like these, driver’s mostly will help each other.. But some things can’t be helped, like stuck trucks parked so close together, a tow truck needs called in, to untangle the mess.. I dug my truck out around midnight when the snow let up.. Helped another driver dig out, then just started lending my shovel out, I was tuckered out.. This morning around 5am, I woke up to see trucks blocking me because they were blocked by the orange trailer (A Schneider truck) at the end of the row.. He got stuck making the right turn.. Now he could really only go forward, backing up was not an option.. Unfortunately for him, when he became unstuck, he now had to wait behind several trucks double parked and also stuck.. When Schneider moved, me and the first 3 trucks in the video, make our escape to the left and drove up the next aisle.. All in all it took an hour and a half to get to the exit, and I didn’t even get to fuel up.. Most of the northeast was under a mandatory travel ban and for trucks, it always is extended for a longer time.. Ya gotta park somewhere.. What confounds me is how many drivers that don’t dig out during or at least right after a storm.. This morning it was 16ยฐF, last night it was 28ยฐF.. The snow came down wet and heavy, it compressed and was partially ice and harder to dig by morning.. It was nice to just drive out of the parking spot, instead of rocking and spinning wheels going nowhere.. Even with best efforts, sometimes digging out won’t solve problems getting stuck.. But I believe in trying to avoid it..

And yes that’s my cocoa on the oven.. I had made some this morning and hadn’t put it away yet when Schneider got unstuck.. I didn’t drive with it up there ๐Ÿ˜„ I put it on the floor when I stopped at the exit stop sign..

Hope you liked the video..

8 thoughts on “Spaghetti Junction

    1. It was a lot of waiting.. Once out, the roads weren’t too bad but not the winds were strong..
      Last pic in the video of trucks trying to get in the truck stop, they were stopped waiting to get in, which is mostly why I couldn’t get to the fuel island.. The fuel islands are supposed to be one way, there were trucks fueling from both directions.. Glad I was able to escape the madness..

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  1. That is hilarious ! We all sat there unable to know exactly when this guy would get unstuck so we could make our dash around the circumference of the parking lot ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. My android doesn’t translate that emoticon.. It’s an upright rectangle filled with an x.. But lemme see if I can figure it out from context..

      Is it pie ? Did I get it right ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      For the hour and a half it took that guy to move out of the road, I could’ve baked a pie.. I was on my 3rd cup of hot cocoa when he finally could move ๐Ÿ˜„

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