Exotic Juices

Living in The Keys area of South Florida, I don’t get up to mainland Florida very often (4+hour drive just to Miami on a good day) so Yellow Green Farmers Market is new to me, even after five years of living here. All I can say is wish we had this type of awesome farmers market in the Lower Keys!!


If you live in South Florida, you  must know this place called “Yellow Green Farmers Market”. It opens only weekends and looks like a huge yellow dorm. There are many small restaurants, commodity shops and fruit/vegetable markets. Every time we go there, we start getting our drinks from here, Exotic Juices.


They have a lot of exotic and tropical flavors like soursop, hibiscus, chia and etc. You can ask samples that you want to try and mix them. All of them taste amazing and naturally sweet!


I got passion fruit & lychee. Flavor of lychee comes first and follow by passion fruit. Lychee has subtle refreshing taste and passion fruit has strong sour/sweet kick. There is a story in my juice, I really like it! My Hubby got coconut ginger & passion fruit. He said coconut makes passion fruit milder and ginger gives a nice accent. It’s half milky. He likes this combination, well…

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