Beautiful Day To Sail On A Schooner

Today my husband and I sailed on the America 2.0 in the Key West Wreckers Cup Race. The America 2.0 is a beautiful state-of-the-art schooner and so fast on the water she only had one real competitor, which she managed to outrun for the cup.  The water and sky were so beautiful today, I just had to share…







2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day To Sail On A Schooner

  1. Looks like your competition was the “When and If”. That was General Patton’s Alden-designed yacht. I know her from her time up here on Cape Ann. She is fast for her size looks like you had more sail and waterline to work with. What a day for a sail!

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    1. Yes, it was and I agree she was a beauty!
      I know America 2.0 did have to give “minutes” because she is a more powerful vessel and if it hadn’t been for “When And If’s” slight mishap with her sails (from which they admirably recovered quickly) she very well might have won.
      I wouldn’t have cared either way, it was just a joy to watch these beautiful schooners in full sail up close on a picture perfect day!

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