Pardon My French… Toast!

I loved this article; it comes with the humorous history and a great recipe for what this American calls “French Toast”…


One of those names that varied from country to country, it was called Spanish Toast in Germany, German Toast in Italy, Nun’s Toast in Spain, Amarilla in South America, and Poor Knights of Windsor in England, with translations of the latter into Swedish, Danish, and some more European languages. The reason for it, presumably, is that in Medieval England, knights, contrary to common folk, were supposed to be served dessert after dinner. Not all of them possessed the shining armor, though, and some knights were as poor as the proverbial mouse. Dunking bread into milk, enriching it with eggs, and frying it was their innovative way of solving the problem. They slathered it with jam, and – voila! – dessert was served.

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You are witnessing history in the making: King Arthur is sick and tired of pizza, and Sir Lancelot is about to give instructions to the cook to make…

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3 thoughts on “Pardon My French… Toast!

  1. In my family we call it ‘Sandy Paws’ …. my Grandmothers dog (or one of them) during the war was a Cairn Terrier called Sandy. The family were fortunate to have hens and therefore fresh eggs. This was a staple and she would cut a slice of bread into four strips to make the plate seem fuller. The four strips resembled Sandy’s legs hence Sandy Paws – it stuck and I’m glad it did!

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