Maybe Everyone Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote…

Oh Geez, is all I can say.  Just had to share the following article.  Not only did it make me laugh out loud but, also, changed my mind that everyone should be allowed to vote!

Hysterically Yours 😂

4 thoughts on “Maybe Everyone Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote…

  1. It made me laugh because of the idiocy.. It makes me solemn and hurts my heart because of where it springs from..
    People the world over, do it.. But the wealthier and more secure a population feels, the more selfish and in a vacuum a population becomes.. The world is full of foreigners, except those they identify with.. Expectations are based on their moment of experience and not on reason, logic or consideration of others.. Just look at the country my sis and I live in, we are loaded with divisions and our people are getting more blind to their own ignorance than ever in history.. No one seems to want to listen or compromise or try some understanding between any side.. It’s a “my way or the highway” mentality..
    😕 I’m afraid the inmates are finally running the asylum..

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