Green, Ham and Eggs

20170420_194527I’ve been sick again and had to go to a Dr in Ky.. Seems my bout of “acute” everything being stuffed up went away, except in my neck and back of my skull..

Now I’m back on prednisone 3 days and claritain D everyday.. Doc told me if this doesn’t go away or if it comes back like this, I need my head examined.. She really said, I would really need to get a CT scan.. That sometimes it requires surgery back there šŸ˜·.. I’m not happy to know that and hope I can avoid it..

Worst part is, I didn’t feel sick in the slightest.. It was sudden and painful.. So I will follow exactly as she instructed.. Almost a month ago, the Doc I saw in Maine was wearing a mask because she was getting over exactly what she diagnosed me with.. Two days ago, many states away, this other Doc tells me that she recently had to have the surgery she warned that I might have to have.. šŸ˜’ I have such a weird life..

Anyhow you may be wondering why the recipe title doesn’t seem to match the recipe..

Well those chicken thighs were once in eggs, there’s ham, and green beans.. And I used poetic license because I’ve wanted a green ham & eggs recipe since I started this blog.. šŸ˜

This is one of those, I don’t feel like cooking recipe experiments that I will make again and again.. I may try spices just to tinker.. But honestly, this is good to go as is..

5 Boneless skinless chicken thighs

1 slice thick cut deli honey ham

1 15oz can green beans

1 15oz can seasoned Italian flat green beans

Preheat oven to 450F

Wash thighs, place in deep pan

Tear ham into bite size chunks, toss between the chicken

Cook for 15 minutes, turn oven to 350F

Take pan out and toss in both cans of beans and juices and put back in oven for the suggested cooking time left for the chicken (about 20 minutes per pound)

With some nice warm bread and butter, yum yum..

šŸ˜• Which I’ll have to do next time, I had no bread..

4 thoughts on “Green, Ham and Eggs

    1. šŸ˜® I’d never heard of a bananafish until, doing as I dutifully do, looking up a term, phrase, event, that someone will slip to me..
      Carol šŸ˜®
      Does it come from somewhere else other than J.D. Salinger’s short story ?

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    1. šŸ’› You get better too ! I spent most of the day playing in the chilly rain.. Mostly because I had to but even with feeling lousy it was exciting.. More on that later in a later post.. Maybe in a celebration bbq recipe šŸ˜Š

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