Blue Cheese, Rosemary and Pecan Crackers

These sound scrumpdillyicious 😋

Tasty Eats

Homemade crackers are so much better than any store bought ones. Not only that when you’re baking them at home you can control the quality of ingredients used, you can also prepare them exactly to your liking.
Here, I’ve decided to use one of my favorite flavor combinations: blue cheese with mustard and honey. To this I added a few more ingredients and ended up with these tasty crackers.
Each small cracker bursts in the mouth with different flavors at the same time; salty and nutty from the cheeses and pecans, a bit spicy from the pepper mix and mustard, slightly sweet from the honey and with a wonderful aroma from the rosemary.
Another advantage to baking crackers at home, is that you get plenty of crackers from a fairly small amount of dough – which makes them also very economical. Don’t worry if the amount seems too large for…

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