2 1/2 minutes..

Was that too much to ask of my little buddy ?

I had a couple of days off at the cabin.. Stewie swam and ran, I threw his eek eek toy and sticks for him..

Sticks šŸ˜’ he has sticky paws with sticks !

I enjoy taking in the scenery and breeze as much as Stewie loves to play.. The video is of me [trying] to sit and just enjoy the view.. It’s a shame the logs on the other side of the brook are so far away.. There was a dark, high shelled turtle on one, sunning himself.. Later, he made a big leap into the water..



20 thoughts on “2 1/2 minutes..

  1. I bow down to your amazingness! Now that I’ve learned a little something about Cob building techniques and rocket stove mass heaters, I’m imagining your cabin will be as welcoming as any cozy Hobbit home. I suppose the existing foundation choice was probably a matter of convenience — or do you think it might have been the result of ignorance?

    Cob sounds like the adobe we all learned about as kids out here in the Southwest. I guess the main difference is that adobe is typically dried in forms as large bricks; Cob must be thicker to be free-formed. Either way, the foot-stomping mixing technique still sounds like as much fun as it did when i was in fourth grade. šŸ˜€ Will you be able to mine the clay from your own land?

    One of my friends would describe your contentment by the brook as “energy gathering” — like heating water before it starts to boil. I’ve learned that once I meander my way through a project’s planning and preparation stages, the momentum of the actual work disallows further distractions. I’m excited to hear how your projects progress.

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    1. I need to do some soil samples further into the property, no viable clay concentration right around the cabin.. I attribute the foundation decision to ignorant economical convience.. The previous owner made the choice for quality workmanship and materials for the slab and cabin.. I think the person who did the fill, talked him into it.. That person stopped by a few months after I purchased the land and tried talking me into getting him to fix it.. Um.. noooooo.. But at least I found out who not to call for anything šŸ˜‚

      The hobbit coziness is what I’d like for the interior..

      Distractions, weather, scheduling time there.. and sometimes just not knowing where to start at any given opportunity, have all been retarding my progress.. But I’m looking forward to my next time up.. I’ll have 4 days to make things come together.. Once I feel settled in my “she shed” I believe things will go much smoother..

      I’m tickled that you’re interested in my dream.. Hopefully it’s not a burst bubble in the end šŸ˜®
      I might be retiring there ! šŸ˜„

      The rain and wind have finally let up here in Pennsylvania, time to get this truck moving.. So much for me catching up on blogs for now.. ttyl šŸ˜Š

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      1. Well it was safe !
        Friendly, not so much.. It’s a rarity to have traffic flow for any length of time.. Too many people in the wrong lanes for the speed limit, others cutting in/out to get around them.. Too many speeding around curves too.. I’ve seen more cars and suvs rolled over this year, than I can remember in any year..


  2. What a wonderful film. Tranquil, serene surroundings and Stewie just relishing his freedom to BE. The place makes me ache for last year and for my future when I have space around me all of my own to peacefully live as I please … thank you for this. Just thank you. As with all the best gifts you have no idea how much that meant to a girl feeling a tiny bit uprooted šŸ™‚

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    1. šŸ’› I couldn’t hope for a better impact..
      Except for the aching part šŸ˜’
      I wouldn’t want to cause aching šŸ˜•
      Glad you enjoyed it šŸ˜Š
      But I do see who’s side you are on..
      Stewie can be as bratty and naughty as he wants, but it’s him just “being”
      Where’s the heart’s and flowers for my shattered tranquility with him nose butting and trying to steal my stick ? šŸ˜¢ huh ?????

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    1. šŸ˜‚ yes, he’s contented and gearing up to make a grab for my stick, again.. That was probably the 10th time he tried to make off with it.. Did you notice the long skinny tree he was rolling near ? He brought that up from brook and had been chewing on that and all the other sticks I lobbed into the brook for him.. But, no.. no stick is like my stick as far as he’s concerned, he must have it šŸ˜¬
      The way down to the brook isn’t trailed yet, very rolling with many soft spots.. I use a stick to make the walk easier, knock down webs and like to have it in case I come across an animal in a bad mood.. Before we head back, I usually give it to him anyway.. šŸ˜„
      When the river is high and fast from spring to about Aug, we go to the brook, from Aug to about mid October, the brook is low but the river is perfect and we spend time there.. I was very fortunate to grab this property.. It’s going to take me a few more years to reach my goals being off grid and fully self sufficient.. It’s hard work but I’m learning alot and really get tickled when I make good progress ā˜ŗ

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      1. It’s so lush and alive! If that were my environment, I would never want to leave. What kind of work are you doing to make it ready for your permanent residence? Stewie is perfectly at home, isn’t he? And very well behaved even if he DOES want your stick. lol. Hugh wouldn’t know what to do with all that space to run.

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      2. Sue, there is an unfinished cabin shell that came with the property.. My original dream was to finish it in Cob work.. That was dashed by the foundation under the slab.. Now, the dream is to finish it with wood siding, milled with my own wood with cob accents inside.. Heated with a rocket stove mass heater.. I ordered a shed and am finishing it to be a tiny house to stay in while I work on the cabin.. I want to add a swimming pond with a seating and bbq area.. I’d like to bring electricity in via hydropower from the brook but I need to take flow and head measurements to see if that’s viable.. Solar is an option.. Since my power needs aren’t much, solar might be suffient..
        Hugh might surprise you, with how much he’d find to do with all that space šŸ˜„
        It’s funny, with all the visions in my head that I want to achieve, I can sit and watch the brook and Stewie, from my blanket, cook on the portable bbq and be perfectly content.. My projects are my passion to create a living space with as little carbon footprint as I can..

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