Thru the Waterfall


It was a rough week and last night was the icing on the cake.. First time at this brand new facility and they had a cornucopia of glitches.. The yard truck broke on first shift, that got fixed but the 2nd shift yard dog called out sick.. The power went out twice and crashed the computers.. The shift supervisor was out as well as a forklift driver.. Sunday’s are lightly staffed, this was a skeleton crew 😮

The man trying to print out the bills was getting a hands on lesson via phone call with his no show boss..

After the 3rd attempt, the bills had all the right info..

Got there at 1230pm, left after 9pm..

Then there was the driver’s entrance.. 😂

These were nice people, they kept their cool and friendly.. I look forward to going back.. Preferably after the place settles down and they get someone to move that confounded waterfall !

10 thoughts on “Thru the Waterfall

    1. 😂 Well they were short staffed.. desperate measures !
      Isn’t that wild tho ? That whole warehouse has every door locked.. Except that one.. The building is very long but the only showering spout, is that one.. No other place on the building has water cascading down..

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      1. I looked it up and yes it translates perfectly.. It was the worst possible place for water to be cascading off the roof.. 😂


    1. 😂 What a day yesterday..
      I goofed when I posted it.. I was trying to write the narrative and “thumbled” on the publish button..
      I hope you enjoy “The rest of the story”

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