A Little Help From My Friends ?

It’s been slow progress this year and the year is half over..

But hopefully all that is about to change.. I purchased a couple of things to help me with my projects..

I’m also looking to the brain power of WP..the readers.. WP folks are collectively smarter and kinder than any social type media, regardless of formal education level.. I have 2 questions in the first video of things that I have no idea what they are.. Hopefully y’all can tell me 😊


I was so sick recording this second video and it was raining.. But even that couldn’t dissipate my excitement.. The reason I edited it with an oil paint effect is because I didn’t ask the young man if I could post him online.. I really like the effect too 😄


No one knows better than I, that these are “home movies”.. But, I hope you enjoy them anyhow.. Hopefully the content will be much more interesting as I march on into things I’ve never done before..


17 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends ?

    1. I’m about ready to head up there and I’ll copy the wiki pic to my phone.. The video isn’t a great picture for identification but you found something ! The leaves on the flower appear more smooth topped than my mystery plants.. But I’m going by my own fallible memory.. I’ll take close up pictures of them if they don’t match that flower.. Regardless if it is or not.. You Rock !!! 💛


  1. Those leaves look rather like nasturtium, which isn’t a veggie, but is a flower. It IS edible though, both the flower and the leaves (as I understand it). If I were more savvy about things, I’d post you a picture of nasturtiums. Then you could compare those…

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    1. 😉 Will do !!! Hopefully interesting and showing progress..
      🤔 I wonder if I can pop a wheelie with it ? 😂
      Thank you Sue, I will miss Eliot while I’m up there but will try to catch up with him when I stop in town for errands.. I wish I had a data signal up there but that might be a good thing I don’t.. I would certainly get less done.. This year that would really be bad 😂

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      1. What ? You wouldn’t want the view like a rollercoaster ride ? 😂
        I have to get up there.. It’s going to take about an hour to get my stuff together, feed Stewie and walk him before we head up.. No coffee yet either 😮 I better get crackin !

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  2. Delightful! Just delightful. I can’t help on the wood-borer nor the veggies …. pretty useless friend I am! I think the former is more likely an insect than an animal given it is so low down on the tree and surely beaver would have been compelled to fell? It’s what they do as you know better than I! I am very glad you used that filter for the second film … too many people are posting pictures and videos with people in them that haven’t been asked for permission. It is something that really troubles me about the Social Media era. Two Brains is absolutely resolute in his refusal to let strangers have him in their pictures … I might make a post about a couple of incidents to that effect … maybe might make people think a bit. But mostly I just loved sharing Spring into Summer with you and Stewie. Your place is magical and with the help of that green dragon you will be forging ahead apace.

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    1. You ? Useless ? When pigs or wild boars fly !!!
      I’m thinking insect too, if it is there should be more evidence of it, that I’ll find.. I hope it isn’t..

      I almost didn’t put the Spring to Summer video up, because it shows nothing accomplished except this crazy woman’s purchases.. But the grass is coming in thicker (the grass that wouldn’t grow according to the store staff, because I couldn’t water it, I spread most of it by hand in a hurry)..
      It is an honest representation of my journey of set goals.. I’m so glad you didn’t nod off 💛

      I probably could claim he gave permission because I did ask him if I could video him rolling it (green dragon to me now 😁) off the truck.. He said, “Sure, I don’t mind” and we did talk about the blog.. I was so sick that day, it was drizzly out while he taught me things I needed to know about the equipment, if he did give expressed permission to post, it was lost to me.. It comes down to one point for me, respect.. That is where social media has become an unchained demon, in my opinion..
      In just about every venue of it, media has become the tabloid gossips with no conscience regarding privacy..
      Without me being positive it was okay, I wouldn’t post the raw video.. A bonus is that I really like the video effect 😄 and I keep his privacy intact..

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      1. And that is precisely and exactly what I value in you. Respect. Decency. Integrity. We need more of you. It’s just that the demon-infested masses don’t recognise it. Yet. They will. I just hope its not too late when they do. Interestingly, my third daughter (aged 24) got rid of her smart phone about 4 months ago in favour of a simple phone that makes and takes calls, sends SMS and has music storage so that she can listen to her tunes on journeys etc. She says that she is less anxious, less tense, more aware than she has been since her teens. That speaks volumes to me. I asked her if she thought she was starting a revolution and she said, like all good hippies (she is one) would say … ‘the train is waiting for us all to board. It’s up to each of us to decide if we want to board the train’. I’m proud of her. It amuses me that those trained staff in the store were adamant that the grass wouldn’t grow if you weren’t there to water it … hmmm – how do they think it grew before we took over the planet? Grass is SO tough and resilient – in it lie so many lessons for mankind. Again we have to want to get on the train. I guess we don’t. We being collective humanity. I’m already on board and I know you are too. I’m glad to be sharing a compartment with you. So there.

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      2. Can’t say I possess all those virtues but I aspire to live my life in them.. Integrity is a hard thing sometimes.. Like character, its best judged by “when nobody’s looking”.. I’m blessed with a unrelenting conscience..

        Your daughter, though being her own person, I still can’t help but envision as a minime of you 😄
        I hope she would be flattered 😊

        The human race constantly goes thru paradigm shifts of social constructs in clumps of cultures.. The more global we become, the more those shifts coincide.. When all do agree, will it be peace and harmony or the few lording and herding over the many ? I’m not laying any bets on P&H but I’m on the train with you for the ride to where we all end up 😊

        Grass (lawn) is a superhero !


  3. Do you have wild boar in Maine? Really angry bulls? Looks awfully big to have been made by an insect, doesn’t it? I wish I could be more helpful. I imagine your little green loader will bring you many hours of fun whenever you use it.

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    1. I looked online and it appears there is no population of wild boars in the state.. There’s a beaver dam in the brook but this doesn’t look anything like their work that I’ve observed..
      That tree has 4 of those holes.. One at the base being the lowest and the highest is about 3ft high from the ground.. I’m thinking some kind of insect but didn’t see any milling about..
      I’m excited about learning to use the JD.. I’ve rented the 2 machines separately that this is, combined into one.. They were bigger but came at a hefty rental fee each time.. I think its a good investment.. It should be a tremendous and convenient help..

      I appreciate your imput and it led me to find out that I don’t have to worry about running into a wild boar, in my woods !

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      1. Glad to help put your mind at ease about wild boar — though they might make pretty good eating. 😉 I’ll bet there are some people at Acadia National Park or White Mountain National Forest who could help ID the culprit.

        I had a friend who baled his own hay. He helped recover the equipment cost by baling for his neighbors, too. Or you might be even hire yourself out as a part time retirement career. Of course, then it might seem too much like a job.

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      2. Awwww, I like pork.. Maybe having no wild boar, isn’t so great 😕

        I’m curious to find out about what made those bore holes.. I need to look closer at the surrounding trees to determine if it’s a growing problem.. Time was not on my side, as I was taking pictures just before I left.. Now I’m on vacation and getting ready to go up there to work, play, eat and relax 🤗
        You’re right about the issue of hiring myself out.. I wouldn’t want it to become something that is more task than hobby.. But who knows ? That may be something I need to do and very fortunate that I can 😊

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