Cee’s SYW Challenge..

Cee’s Challenge is about what we appreciate outdoors, do we prefer being passenger or driver more..  I’m taking the oopportunity, especially of this challenge to catch up my wonderful readers on my appreciation trip this last 2 weeks.. I’ve been in 3 hospitals now over 2 weeks.. Was heliported to Portland, Me where they did brain surgery to secure an aneurysm behind my right eye.. This will prevent me from driving a tractor trailer for a year but then I should be good to go again after that time.. There is other work I’m sure I can find in the meantime, which is encouragingly.. I’ve come to appreciate the the 3 hospitals I’ve been in immensely.. The staff is caring and attentive.. The food exceptional,  a wonderful surprise.. Appreciate that I’m not dead.. Somethimg so cut and dry.. Either you are alive or dead.. Whatever I’m going to accomplish in my life going forward, I  am extremely  grateful  for the chance..

My favorite outdoor activities have to do with Stewie swimming.. So I hope you enjo

y the video of him  at home  on our piece of the river.. I wish you all good health and good spirits.. We never know when the wind will blow us down or lift us up..

A special note of appreciation  is to 3 people.. My sis, John and Osyth.. My readers know who these bloggers are but don’t  know the support they’ve been giving me freely since I’ve been hospitalized.. A fourth person is our HR lady at work, who also is of a generous heart.. So this challenge  of Cee’s  has much meaning of deep appreciation.. 😊

Stewie is a clown,  I hope you enjoy his antics..


18 thoughts on “Cee’s SYW Challenge..

  1. You had been in 3 hospitals in two weeks – that’s a lot. Good thing that the doctors did what they did best for the brain surgery to secure an aneurysm behind my right eye. Best wishes and hope you feel better by now!

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  2. Wow. I hadn’t seen you around for quite a while, but figured other considerations had taken precedence. I’m so very glad the surgery went well and that ‘they’ caught it (aneurysm) before it did major damage. Take care! I loved the video clip of Stewie. You can never really feel down with a dog around. He’s great! ❤

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  3. My dear friend, I have done nothing at all. Not really. I am just so relieved that these brilliant medics have fixed you and that your company was smart enough to realise you needed help in that moment in your cab. Being without your licence is a bummer but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. Hugs to Stewie who will be SO thrilled to see you. And love from France. Always love to a dear and amazing woman who I value. Your experience goes to show how important it is to live every moment, appreciate what we have and be kind and decent. For we never ever know what is in the blink of the next eye (sorry,, pun intended) and we never ever know which strangers we may need to rely on. You my dear are a keeper in my life and I am so privileged to know you. 🤗

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    1. You have done nothing ? Not true.. Our exchanges while I’ve been getting thru this are priceless.. Every action we take or skip, has an impact.. Your impact is still true, good, kind and caring.. I’m hoping I can be released today and catch the long ride home with our wonderful HR lady from work, who is in town for a morning seminar and kindly visited me last night.. You and other dear people have been shielding me from feelings of self pity and saddness.. This is something that happened, that just needs ploughed thru with my best and smartest efforts 😊.. With the amazing people who are solid supports, it would be a crime for me to not keep very keen and appreciative of you all.. I feel the love and caring and feel it for you all from the bottom of my heart 💛

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  4. Wow! I knew you’d been away from your blog for a bit, but I didn’t know why. I am so happy you’ve gotten the help, both medical and personal that you needed. It’s good to hear your prognosis is good over time, too.

    I’m confused about the video of Stewie. The link goes to Cee’s post, but I don’t see a link to your video there. What am I missing?

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    1. Your missing my wp skills 😂 I seemed to have misplaced them.. But I’ll try to sort it soon.. Thank you Sue, I’m looking forward to catching up with Eliot !
      This all has been eye opening for me and quite a lesson..

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      1. I look forward to the return of your WP skills, Pan. (And to Elliot. 😉 )

        If hits to our health don’t close our eyes permanently, I think it’s difficult to avoid the lessons that result from our interactions with the health care community. Let’s hope you’ll be benefitting from what you’ve learned for decades to come.

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