I think many are missing just how much privacy we’ve freely given up, despite the empty rantings of some politicians claiming we need our protections again.. These are rights and should have never been made vulnerable.. But yet money and greed, as usual has won out.. Victo has very well summed up the constant invasions on our privacy.. I hate the scam phone calls, the scam emails.. dnc call list is useless and has loopholes.. Email is a bit easier to control.. I hope you enjoy her post and find it empowering and helpful 😊

4 thoughts on “Biometrified

  1. To me this is just another symptom of the truth that no-one wants to utter … we have never been more watched nor monitored, we have never had less freedom than we do now. There is a book called ‘Eric is Awake’ by Dom Shaw which postulates what happens when Eric Blair (the hero of Orwell’s 1984) finds himself in modern day London. As an observation on where we are as a race and the hellish truth that Orwell was right in his allegorical predictions, it is quite chilling. I recommend it 🙂

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    1. It’s not the world we wish for.. Some of our closest comforts are our private thoughts that for various reasons, we choose not to share openly.. Why people must research for ways to read into every eye blink and tic, to me, is rude, invasive and wrong.. 1984 was the most powerful book I read before 8th grade..

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      1. I’m absolutely as one with you. It isn’t progress, it’s invasion. Of course, dear friend, that is why you and I want to get to a place where we can just get off the wagon. 1984 is one of the most read books on my shelf – by me and by all my daughters. The warnings are all there and yet we have marched headlong into the trap announcing that it is necessary. It makes me laugh that people get so het up about North Korea for example (mad despot aside) …. do they honestly think that we are less controlled in the West – it’s just more insidious, less overtly obvious. I do recommend Eric is Awake (even though it was written by my ex husband …. shhh 😉)

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