Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting

I heard a blurb on the radio about another mass church shooting, so I went online and Google searched those words.. After reading this current senseless murder spree, I hit the back button and just stared at the results screen.. Then I noticed a result that shows the story was reported 1 day ago by al jazeera, with today’s date, 1 day ago it was today’s date there.. This just happened today.. I’m not tech savvy and I’m sure there’s a tech reason the result shows it erroneously a day old, but I found it unsettling.. I took a screenshot and if anyone can explain it, I’d appreciate it.. Thank you.. I pray for everyone that has been affected by this heinous act..




4 thoughts on “Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting

  1. I don’t know.. I was trying to calm down after hitting the back button and the time stamp jumped out because it had just happened about 6 hrs before..
    Tragedy after tragedy and I can’t comprehend the evil it takes to pull the trigger on innocent people


  2. Interesting question, Pan. Perhaps it has to do with the time difference between your location and Saudi Arabia. It was probably the next day over there when you read the story, so the time attributed to the original post would have been just barely the next day. Just a thought…

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