8 thoughts on “Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: May 13 2018

  1. Aloha Munchkin. I have been a way for several weeks whilst I effected a major move. Linda knew all about it and we were plotting and scheming our meeting this side of the pond. I still well up when I think of her and I will insist to my own passing that I never ever let an opportunity slide again and that all those I care about do the same. I just wanted you to know that you are ever in my thoughts and that I hope we will have fun and laughs and inspired conversations for a long time to come x

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    1. Bonjour, Osyth!
      Linda did talk of making plans to visiting you in France. I am saddened that she didn’t get to see many of her plans to their fruition but know, just as much, how much she loved watching, and helping when she could, see her friends dreams come true.
      You, as well as Linda’s other close friends, are also ever in my thoughts.
      Happy Day, Happy Year, Happy Life 🥂

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      1. And one day I hope that you and yours may make the trip in her stead. I would be delighted to act as an unobtrusive guide and of course you would be very welcome to use the house – I know how you love France and all things French …. just give us another year or two to finish it!

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