Tropical Appetizer and the Fruit of Love

What healthy deliciousness!


A legend of true and undying love that emerges from the mango tree is found in old Sanskrit tradition.  Once upon the time, the daughter of the sun, Surya Bai, transformed herself into a golden lotus to evade persecution of an evil sorceress. The sorceress became angry when the King of the land fell in love with the beautiful lotus, and she burnt it to ashes. Lo and behold, a gorgeous mango tree sprang from the ashes, and Surya Bai stepped out from a ripe mango that had fallen to the ground. The King instantly recognized her as his long lost wife, and the two rejoiced (

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Yes, Beautiful People, mango came to us from India where it is still considered a symbol of love. It did not appear in Florida until the 19th century, but we still love it. In fact, we adore it to the point that a…

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