Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting

I heard a blurb on the radio about another mass church shooting, so I went online and Google searched those words.. After reading this current senseless murder spree, I hit the back button and just stared at the results screen.. Then I noticed a result that shows the story was reported 1 day ago by … Continue reading Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting


I think many are missing just how much privacy we’ve freely given up, despite the empty rantings of some politicians claiming we need our protections again.. These are rights and should have never been made vulnerable.. But yet money and greed, as usual has won out.. Victo has very well summed up the constant invasions on our privacy.. I hate the scam phone calls, the scam emails.. dnc call list is useless and has loopholes.. Email is a bit easier to control.. I hope you enjoy her post and find it empowering and helpful 😊

Behind the White Coat

The tall, slim receptionist took my information and motioned for me to have a seat. “He’ll be with you in a moment,” she murmured sweetly.

I settled myself into a nearby chair and pulled out my smart phone. Time to catch up on some blog reading.

At one point I looked up from a post and saw the woman take a bite of a candy bar. She turned to a coworker standing next to her and whispered loudly, “My biometric screening appointment is in two weeks. I have to start my liquid diet tomorrow. I need that discount!” Her coworker mumbled something inaudibe in commiseration as she munched a largish chocolate chip cookie* then said, “There is no way I will ever have the right waist circumference. I just don’t even bother to try anymore.”

Is a liquid diet healthy when the rest of the year you eat like crap…

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