Sometimes I don’t know what gets into me when I pair the most unlikely ingredients just to see what happens..

The tuna I used is a big factor in taste and texture. After trying it, I’ll never see canned tuna the same. The brand is Wild Planet.. pole and line caught tuna.. I could write a blog post on this product alone. The taste and texture is like eating a tuna steak.. there’s no added salt or liquids.. the juice is from the tuna.. fantastic..

The Surprise

1 5oz can tuna ( if not using Wild Planet, then drain, if using Wild Planet, don’t drain )

Ground garlic to taste

Lemon concentrate to taste

Dried thyme to taste

1 single serve box of raisins ( 1 oz )

About 20 crackers, Mary’s Gone Crackers super seed crackers go well with this..

Put tuna in a serving bowl and keep chunky..

Add raisins and lemon then throw on the spices..

It mixes pretty well on its own, I didn’t need to stir at all..

Put the crackers in the bowl too to soak up the seasoned lemony goodness..

320 calories and I’m full but not overstuffed.. lots of omega 3s, 52% complete protein.. 6% cholesterol, all from the tuna..

The type of cracker i used has lots of good nutrients, and no cholesterol..

Correction, the 320 calories includes the crackers..

The omega 3s and protein in the crackers is what I didn’t include in the nutritional highlights..

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